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Perevertov Valeriy Petrovich, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of land transport and technological means, Samara State University of Way of Communication (443066, 18 Pervyy bezymyannyy lane, Samara, Russia),
Piganov Mikhail Nikolaevich, doctor of technical sciences, professor, sub-department of construction and technology of electronic systems and devices department, Samara National Research University named after academician S. P. Korolev (443086, 34 Moskovskoye highway, Samara, Russia), E-mail:
Yurkov Nikolay Kondrat'evich, doctor of technical sciences, professor, head of sub-department of radio equipment design
and production, Penza State University (440026, 40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. Coupling screw presses (MVP) are a new type of forge-and-stamping machines (KShM), designed for precision hot and cold volume and sheet stamping operations, etc., for the drive of which the kinetic energy of a constantly rotating direction of the flywheel. To accomplish the working stroke of the deformation, the flywheel is connected to the screw and, at the end, it is disconnected from the screw by a joint clutch (executive body) whose speed is an important technological and operational characteristic of the quality management of the profit center. In the paper, the methodology for calculating the fast-acting executive body of the Profit Center with a diagnostic control system designed to increase the reliability of technological equipment in flexible
production systems (GPS) and to obtain high-quality products (parts) of rocket and space equipment and highspeed railway transport from titanium composites and nanomaterials and alloys.
Materials and methods. The method of design calculation of the high-speed executive body of the MVP under the conditions of GPS with a diagnostic control system is provided. Its components are the procedure for calculating the dynamics of the operation
of a hydro-driven coupling MVP with a pulse dropoff valve (ICS), which allows calculating the dynamic parameters of the coupling and the procedure for synthesizing the software of processes management. The interdependence of the elements of the structural-functional and mathematical models of the system "KShM – tool –  blank – diagnostic control – the executive body of the KShM", affecting the quality and reliability of the elements of the KShM, is presented.
Results. The obtained algorithm for calculating the dynamics of the operation of the hydraulic clutch of the MVP with the ICS and the methodology for synthesizing the mathematical support of the adaptive control algorithms of the MVP enable us to obtain control and diagnostic systems for the parameters of the technological process and the equipment of the boring machine-building plant.
Conclusions. It is shown that without the control and diagnostics of product quality indicators, using modern methods and measuring instruments, including laser, infrared, fiber optic sensors and devices, it is impossible to provide high quality in manufacturing
and repair, as well as the safety and environmental friendliness of the technological system. 

Key words

system, control, quality, reliability, software, technological equipment, screw press 

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